Find Facts and Few Simple Tips to Combat Air Quality Issues

In accordance with research conducted via the Environmental Protection Agency, the air quality in most homes has reached critical stages of pollution that will contribute the increase in allergies, asthma as well as other common health problems. Have you ever been considering exactly what you’re breathing? Think about the air in your home is clean? Keep reading to it’s best if you know the facts and easy tips to combat air quality issues.


Dead Skin and Dander. Yes, you are reading this article right. The average human sheds with a pound of flesh every year. Multiple that through number of people in your house and then add in certain dander off of the pets and suddenly you can enjoy a swirling mass of dead flesh circulating over your air vents and settling within the carpets. Whenever wasn’t bad enough, mites feed on dead skin and could cause skin irritation and rashes.


Toxins and Carcinogens. Most home owners would be stunned to learn how many common chemicals are actually toxins or known carcinogens (carcinogens); from popular cleaning agents to air deodorizers, popular home products often contain chemicals that accumulate in fat cells tissue or cells of your skin leading to illness and disease.

Pollen and Spores. Although pollen and spores are natural, they are still able to present a health problem to many those with allergies or who prone to headaches, eye irritation and other concerns. Spores may also result in mildew if left unchecked, including those who cause major health concerns.

Dust and Particles. Dust is actually just a plain term used to explain all the stuff that are floating around rising which the eye can actually see. From dead skin to plant particles, dust is made up of many different things. Common for instance small fibers from clothing, paper or other materials, minerals from the soil and also air pollution from the encircling environment. A large number of pollutants can be cause respiratory problems especially among the elderly, children or individuals that have an illness.

With a relatively dry climate, homes have special air quality concerns since moisture and humidity help keep dust and debris from circulating within the air. A  sure way to handle air quality concerns is to hold the air ducts, carpets and upholstery cleaned within your home. Search for an organization that you might find it hard to believe and it may even all at one time so cross contamination doesn’t take place. It is easy to have a comfortable home with one quick call to some reliable Oxnard air duct cleaning company like 805 Carpet Care.

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